The Eight Wonders of Kansas was a project started by the Kansas Sampler Foundation to identify the most important natural or manmade wonders in Kansas. In all some 24,000 people from all 50 states casts ballots to determine the Eight Wonders of Kansas.  The finalists were announce on Kansas Day by then Governor Kathleen Sebelius in a cermony at the State Capitol. Of the 24 finalists, 8 were chosen by the Kansas Sampler Foundation as the offical Eight Wonders of Kansas.

Castle Rock and Castle Rock Badlands

Castle Rock

Located in Gove County, Kansas not far south from Interstate 70, Castle Rock along with Monument Rocks were chosen as one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas by the Kansas Sampler Foundation in 2008.

The Cathedral of the Plains


Rising above the prairie in the small town of Victoria, Kansas, the twin spires of St. Fidelis Church or the “Cathedral of the Plains” as it is commonly referred to, is a stunning sight noticeable for miles in any direction.

Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks

Named as one of the “Eight Wonders of Kansas” Monument Rocks or the “Pyramids” as they are known locally are located in the south-west corner of Gove County. These large chalk formations make for a great side trip for people traveling across Kansas on I-70 or traveling north or south on US Highway 83.