Ness County Bank….Skyscraper of the Plains

Ness City Bank

Completed in 1890 the Ness County Bank Building is a large four story, 18,700 square foot building located on Main Street in Ness County, Kansas. At the time of its completion it was said to be the tallest building between Topeka and Denver and was nicknamed the “Skyscraper of the Plains”.

Holy Cross Church "The Cross in the Valley"

Holy Cross Church

Located in Ellis County, Kansas, just south of the Smoky Hill River, the small community of Pfeifer is home of the Holy Cross Church also known as “The Cross in the Valley”. This beautiful Gothic-style church was named as one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Architecture in 2008.


Seelye Mansion

SeelyeMansion smallSeelye Mansion

Built in 1905 at the cost of $55,000 the Seelye Mansion is a three story, Georgian style mansion designed by a New York architect for Dr. and Mrs. A.B. Seeyle in 1904. Dr. Seeyle made his fortune in the “Patent Medicine” business which allowed him to build this 11,000 square foot mansion for his wife and two young daughters, Helen and Marion.