Ellsworth County

Ellsworth County Kansas

Ellsworth County was established in 1867 and is named after Fort Ellsworth a Union Outpost in the area during the Civil War. The county seat is Ellsworth, Kansas.

Ellsworth County Attractions and Events:

 Smoky Hills Wind Farm--Covering some 20,000 acres in parts of Ellsworth and Lincoln counties this 250 megawatt wind farm is easily visible along Interstate 70.

Fort Ellsworth/Fort Harker--Fort Ellsworth later named Fort Harker was an important outpost and supply point for western expansion.

Kanopolis, Kansas--Kanopolis, Kansas was founded in 1867 on the site of Fort Harker.

Ellsworth, Kansas

Faris Caves--These manmade caves were carved into the Dakota Sandstone in the 1880's by an early settler to be used as his home.

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