Pawnee Mound Kansas


Pawnee Mound

 Pawnee Mound

One of the things I love to do is to explore the backroads of Kansas. Whenever I get the chance I really enjoy spending a few hours or the complete day driving the dirt and gravel roads of Kansas enjoying the scenery and exploring new areas of this great state.

Sometimes these trips are pretty random adventures where I simply drive the back roads with no particular destination but other times I will have identified some landmark, a particular area or small town that I want to check out.

One tool that I have found to be helpful in identifying possible places of interest is the Delorme Atlas and Gazetteer of Kansas. While google maps and the internet are great sources of information I still love turning the pages of an atlas and studying the maps they hold and the Delorme Atlas is perfect for that with its detailed topographic maps.

Not long ago while in Western Kansas for my Dad’s 89th birthday, I happened to notice in the Atlas a “peak” called Pawnee Mound on the map that is located just east of Highway 83 in southeast Scott County. Listed on the map at 2988 feet I thought it would be interesting to see what if anything was there.

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